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1,2,4-Three benzene anhydride
1,3,5-Three formate benzene
1,3,5-Benzene three formyl chloride
   Located in the ancient huizhou of anhui teda new material co., LTD,Adhering to the hui culture“Honest and humble、Benefit”The management idea and“Keep up with The Times、Steady progress”The style of work,Continue to serve our customers。 We have a love life、Pragmatic and innovative management team,Engaged in the new synthesis of fine chemicals research and development and industrialization,And focus on developing the comprehensive utilization of heavy aromatic hydrocarbons,In trimellitic anhydride、All three formic acid and other products on the production of benzene has a unique understanding and independent intellectual property rights,And has won high technology, large-scale empirical。We are also in the environmental protection adhesive and material surface treatment……
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